A proposal for assessing the level of modularity and design and in production in the development of vehicles with the participation of Brazilian engineering centers.

Type de publication:

Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2015)


automotive industry., modular design, Modular production, modularity


modularity is a strategy adopted by many industrial sectors, either in product development or in production configuration. It has been strongly adopted by the automotive sector. In this context, this paper aims at investigating key elements of modularity in design and production. It also seeks to develop a proposal for assessing and comparing the degree of modularity specifically in the context of the Brazilian automotive industry. In this sense, five key conceptual elements of modularity in design and four others elements in relation to the modularity in production were extracted from the literature and used to analyze selected cases with engineering center’s participation in Brazil. As the main result, a classification matrix is presented resulting from the analysis of projects of six vehicles using historical data, the literature, and some data field. The vehicle with the greatest degree of modularity in design and the most modular assembly line were identified according to the proposal.

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