Supply chain and automobile industry, the making-of of a future history

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2015)


automobile industry, logistics, Networks, organization, supply chain, territory


At its beginning, GERPISA researches were strongly focused on the labour organization and internal flow and were at the origins of the fruitful analysis of the productives models. Its seems interesting to put on the Gerpisa agenda a specific historical research on the role played by automobile industry in the built-up of a global flow economy and the rise of a logistics economy. From a work in progress on an global history of system of transportation, the paper will present a state of art of the research on the field on transport and mobility history. Then we’ll selected mains milestones of majors innovations in this area since the fifties and their relationship with productive locations and productive organization of the automobile system. We’ll focused especially on the cases of France and french firms Peugeot and Renault strategies built in transport and logistics fields around their dedicated subsidiaries, GEFCO and CAT.

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