Development of the Emerging Automotive Markets and the Strategies of Japanese Automobile Companies

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Gerpisa colloquium, Kyoto (2014)


The share of the automotive industry made up by emerging markets has been growing larger since the beginning of the 21st Century. This rapid growth has brought about great changes in the competitive situation of the global automotive industry. Under such circumstances, Japanese automobile companies, as a whole, have not been able to achieve good results in emerging markets except in ASEAN countries and India, where Suzuki has been showing good sales performance.
This presented paper is intended to clarify for the Japanese manufacturers what kind of strategies are to be taken in the future corresponding to these circumstances.
Summary of the paper is as follows.
1 Changes in the competitive environments surrounding the automotive industry in the 21st century
 Serious environmental problems
Development of the automotive industry in emerging markets
Necessary innovation in the design and production of future automobiles
2 Forecasted development of the emerging automotive markets in the 21st Century
Expansion of the automotive markets in China, India, Brazil, Russia, ASEAN, etc.
3 Characteristics of the automobile market in emerging countries
The development of the emerging automotive markets will strengthen the increasing tendency to price reduction and the commoditization of automobiles. Under these circumstances, the different needs and tastes from advanced countries will be increasingly formed in emerging markets by regions and income levels.
4 Restructuring strategy of Japanese automobile companies
Introduction of products incorporating the tastes and needs in each emerging markets at low prices are being attempted by Japanese auto makers.
It is probable that emerging economies will be experience some temporary declines in the future. However, in the long run, it is certain that emerging markets will expand more. Since the automobile markets in these emerging markets are also expected to grow even more, Japanese manufacturers should rebuild the strategies for emerging markets more thoroughly.

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