International Framework for Collaboration between European and Japanese Standard Consortia.

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Book Chapter


Akio Tokuda


Information and Communication Technology Standardization for E-Business Sectors, IDEA Group Publishing (2009)


automotive, electronics, LAN, standard, standardization


To develop automobiles that fulfill the criteria of ‘environment-friendliness’ ‘advanced safety’ and ‘riding comfort’, coordination between ECUs (electronic control units) is indispensable. Since one or a number of functions is carried by the coordination of separate ECUs, it becomes important to standardize automotive LAN protocols which securely interoperate them. In parallel with the standardization, the role of conformance test specifications of the protocols has increasingly been important to secure the interoperability of the complex LAN bus system.
The purpose of the present paper is to examine the international collaborative framework, which has been concluded between the European and Japanese consortia since 2006 in standardizing the automotive LAN protocol called ‘FlexRay’, by focusing on the contribution of the Japanese standard consortium in drafting its original conformance test specifications. The FlexRay was initially developed by the German origin FlexRay consortium founded in 2000 and is expected to become the de facto standard at the automotive high-speed safety protocols market.
Aiming at the collaborative framework between the standard consortia ― the FlexRay Consortium and JasPar (Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture)-, we first trace the history of standardization process of the automotive LAN protocols, secondly mention some distinctive feature of the collaborative framework by focusing the division of labour between these consortia, and thirdly investigate the reason why JasPar decided to draft the corresponding conformance test specifications. Having analyzed the collaborative framework, we could understand the strategic intent of JasPar’s contribution toward FRC.

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