The Role of Competitive Intelligence in Electromobility Policies. A Franco-German Comparative Case Study.

Type de publication:

Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2013)


competitive intelligence, electromobility, France, Germany


The urging need for greater sustainability has led governments to help the automotive industry reshape mobility models. Electromobility has never been so topical and cross-industry than today and is to be found in many governmental agendas. In recent years, the search for state-level competitiveness has called for the use of competitive intelligence as a strategic lever, notably in France. The present paper examines the electromobility policies of France and Germany in the form of a comparative case study. With a framework of interpretation, the functional approach of competitive intelligence, we have evaluated the role of competitive intelligence in the French and German eletromobility policies. Our comparative study has enabled us to recommend an 'intelligent electromobility' framework for public policy. This framework integrates competitive intelligence optimally into electromobility policies to achieve higher sustainability.

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