The 2013 Young Author’s Prize of GERPISA

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The GERPISA (, in partnership with the International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management (IJATM, (, launches this year its Young Author’s Prize, that will be delivered each year from 2013 on, aiming at valorising the work of a young researcher on automobile industry. This prize, consisting of the publication of the paper in a special issue of IJATM and a 1000 euros’ reward, intends to encourage young scholars to develop their enquiries on automobile industry.

The GERPISA, as an international and interdisciplinary network of social scientists on automobile industry, has a long history of researches in this field. Its 6th International Program (2012-1015), “Structuring new automotive industries, restructuring traditional automotive industries, and the new geopolitics of the global automotive sector”, focuses on the various dynamics that give shape to the past, present, and future evolutions of the worldwide automobile industry. Its aim is to identify these dynamics, and to shed the light on their economic, social, and political impacts.

Requirements to submit a paper proposal:
1. Master, Ph.D. students, post-doc, etc. (not full-time associate professor, professor or researcher) being under 37 years old;
2. Paper based on the analysis (whether theoretical, methodological, or empirical) of the automobile industry (topics have to cover one of the seven themes of the symposium);
3. Presentation of the paper during the 21st international colloquium, “The search for ‘competitiveness’: corporate strategies and public policies in the world automobile industry”, Paris, 12th of June – 14th of June 2013;
4. Submission online ( and email (name, date of birth, nationality, status, University, topic) to Giulio Calabrese (, Stéphane Heim (, and Tommaso Pardi ( before the 28th of February 2013.

A special assessment committee will be launched, each member attending several presentations of young scholars during the different sections of the symposium and evaluating the candidates. During the last day of the colloquium, this assessment committee will report the results during the meeting of the GERPISA’s steering committee, and will communicate the decision to all young scholars present during the colloquium.
The criterions of the assessment are based on the relevance of the topic inquired, the presentation and the accuracy of the results, the quality of the methodological work, and the review of the literature. All kinds of work in the field of social sciences (history, management, economics, sociology, geography, political science, etc.) and dealing with automobile industry (accepted for a presentation during the 21st international colloquium) are welcome. After the decision of the GERPISA’s steering committee, the young author’s paper selected will be refereed through a double-blind process, and then published in a special issue of the International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management.

We are looking forward to reading your papers and attending your presentations.

The steering committee of GERPISA and the Editorial Board of IJATM

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