Emergence processes and restructuring processes affecting the American and Asian industries: policies taking into account competitiveness

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In our four-year research programme an emphasis is put on the comparison of the structuring/restructuring processes in the three main automotive regions (America, Asia, Europe). We dedicate this section to the American and Asian cases, keeping in mind that, at the core of these processes, the question of competitiveness and capacities transferability is of much relevance. Our last symposium led us to the conclusion that the restructuration processes are directly linked with the structuration of new spaces, at both firm and political levels. The aim now is to identify these linkages, in terms of technology assimilation, firm product policies, local government incentives and so on. Another key point is the capability of firms to develop in various spaces while maintaining (or not) their own organizations. Finally, it is also of much importance to accumulate material about the regional integration processes (commercial, fiscal, labour, market policies) to fully understand the various emergence processes in America and Asia. This is especially relevant when dealing with questions of competitiveness and competition between different regions.

Towards this end and without neglecting the need for empirical studies, we will be paying special attention to communications that offer an analytical and social comparison perspective. The goal here is to situate with respect one another past and present development issues taking place in these two world regions. Thus, questions pertaining to the link between local supply, demand and design - and the forms that they assume depending on the period in question, the country, the political, economic, industrial, commercial and fiscal policy or investors’ origins - should clearly be analysed or least presented in proposed studies. Researches based on and discussing the role of competitiveness in the structuring/restructuring processes in these two regions, also in a historical perspective, are also expected.

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