The social, political, and economic construction of markets: distribution and services, new cars/used cars

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Among others, the sustainability of traditional markets, the consumption behaviours and the distribution networks have to be analysed more systematically. Historically, the general framework of productive models developed in our network stressed the various links between macroeconomic trends and productive organizations. To that extent, one conclusion is that some key players largely built and build the automotive markets in traditional territories and in emerging territories. The identification and roles of these key players have to be explored, especially in the building of new markets. As for the traditional markets, they are split in used cars and new vehicles, with a rather high percentage of old cars. The question of the capacity of car manufacturers to grasp this market through the dealers’ networks (distribution) has to be raised, as well as the construction of markets in new territories. As for the consumption behaviours, the point is that the markets are far to be homogeneous and, for example, the sustainability of new mobility is directly linked to the incentives towards new forms of consumption.

In that perspective, presentations based on consumption behaviours (spatial and social segmentations, consumption choices and practices, mobility trends, etc.), market building and structure (in terms of segments and new cars/used cars, carmaker marketing and product strategies, new actors in the market building, services, etc.), and the distribution networks (historical framing, employment conditions, typology of contracts, etc.), whether in emerging countries or more mature ones, are much welcome. In addition, we also have to think about the policies raised in each region, especially when dealing with the market of used pieces and with the raising of free-trade agreements. The studies presented here will be fully explored during the sessions that the GERPISA International Conference will dedicate to questions of this nature.

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