New business models in the transition to electric mobility

Type de publication:

Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Krakow (2012)


Ambidexterity, Business Model, Competence development, Competitive Advantage, Value Architecture


After an introduction concerning the need for automobile companies to create new business
models alongside with their existing business models to overcome the main difficulties in the transition
to electric mobility, the paper presents a business model definition based on recent development in
management research. In relation to this business model definition, the paper derives hypotheses on
the changes in the identified business model components - the choice of competitive advantage and
the choice of value architecture - and in addition on the decisions which are required to manage these
changes, e.g. the implementation of the activities for electric mobility in the organizational structure.
The paper presents first empirical results from automotive companies in accordance with the derived
hypotheses and sheds light on the rise of new business models in the automotive industry in the
transition to electric mobility and on the decisions to manage these changes.

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