Industrial policies to support automotive sector at national and European Union level: which forms of governance?

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Brussels (2023)


Since the 2000s, the automotive sector has been the subject of specific interventions at a national level, for example after the 2008 crisis, and by action promoted at a Community level above all to deal with environmental problems.

The Covid 19 pandemic has in some ways accelerated the transition towards more environmentally sustainable mobility, ultimately leading to the decision (currently at the center of a bitter discussion in Europe) to ban the sale of endothermic cars in Europe from 2035.

However, many States have already adopted support programs for the car sector prior to 2020, also in anticipation of the transition to electric cars, self-driving cars, etc.

The aim of our work is to present the case of five European countries (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Poland) and Turkey in relation to the possible forms of governance that the players in the sector have adopted to deal with this transition and to the role played by the various national governments in this context.

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