Presentation of the book 'L'odyssée de Spring: Histoire et leçons d'un projet impossible'


Journeé du Gerpisa en Français

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Friday 3 February 2023, 14:00 - 17:00 CET

CCFA, 2 rue de Presbourg 75008 Paris
ID de réunion : 989 3735 2323
Code secret : 4DaiPG

Christophe de Charentenay

Disponible sous peu - Available shortly

This session will be held around the book which traces the history, from its genesis to its marketing, of an inexpensive electric car, two characteristics which until now seemed incompatible. But beyond a singular adventure, the analysis of this project allows us to understand, better than abstract and general speeches, key issues of contemporary strategy and management.

The seminar will take place (for the time being) in person, but it will be possible to attend virtually. More information will be available here and communicated by email to registrants.
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