Electric vehicle ecosystem evolution: a transition-path framework.

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Detroit (2022)


Electric vehicles have the potential to disrupt the ways car manufacturers create, deliver, and capture value. New entrants, like Tesla, have no constraints in designing an organizational structure that optimizes the development of EVs. However, incumbent manufacturers struggle to successfully innovate their business model due to a resource-allocation process traditionally shaped and still favored by ICE technology. In this paper, we explore how car manufacturing firms can manage their business model innovation process in face of an innovation born in an ecosystem. We build upon the MLP of socio-technical transitions to analyze the path-dependent development of the EV ecosystem. We present insights on the main drivers and barriers shaping the transition of the EV ecosystem. We identify three product-service platform configurations developing for incumbents and new entrants. We combine these insights into a path-dependent framework for the adaption of the BMI process for car manufacturers, emphasizing the importance of data network effects.


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