Social & Regulatory Context: Safety, Emissions and Emerging Issues for Autonomous Technologies and Mobility as a Service

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A ton of metal moving at 80 kph is inherently dangerous; vehicle safety has been a societal concern for over a century. While ADAS (driver assist) technologies potentially make vehicles safer, they introduce new regulatory challenges to evaluate their effectiveness and guarantee continued functionality over a standard 15-year lifespan. Modern economies also revolve around motor vehicle transportation, for moving both goods and people. These services are embedded in public infrastructure and geography. How will MaaS (mobility as a service) affect transportation choices by individuals and logistics providers? What is the geographic impact? Can such services be extended outside of dense urban environments? How should such services be regulated, to maintain safety, to limit congestion, and to improve accessibility? Regulation is also mandating lower carbon footprints, leading to booming sales of battery electric vehicles in Europe and China. Is this approach effective? What future measures might we see to address environmental concerns? 

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