FCEV trends in Asia (Japan / China), future technical development direction that can be assumed from the current concept and the impact of Covid-19

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2021)


FCEV,Hydrogen fuel,Easily management, Public transportation, popular commercial products, Covid-19


Fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) were said to be the next generation of vehicles in the 1990s. However, HEVs and EV cars are currently dominating the market.
So far, Toyota Mirai has begun selling FCEVs in Asia in 2020, but the supply of hydrogen fuel has become an issue. In addition, the number of units sold is not large.
In this survey, we have summarized the future of FCEV by looking at the current situation in which Toyota is making great strides in public transportation buses in Japan and China.
In conclusion, it can be said that there are signs that FCEVs in Asia will be expanded by large public transportation buses because they can be easily managed and stored by using hydrogen as fuel.
In addition, since Asia is a specialty of growing into smaller and more popular commercial products, we have summarized the support for the progress of FCEV conversion of compact passenger cars near future.
From this research, we would like to consider the future of small FCEV vehicles and continue the research.


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