Mapping the Determinants of Time-to-Market in Automotive New Product Development: a multiple case study analysis

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Berlin (2010)


Europe de l'Ouest, Présentation au colloque du Gerpisa, Presentation to the Gerpisa colloquium, Supplier Integration, Time-to-Market


In our work, we evidence the main determinants involved in the Time struggle to success. We use a Multiple Case Study Research Method between two European automotive OEMs. The method is based on control variables (OEM and model characteristics) and performances (Time and Quality). We further highlight the influence exogenous parameters (previous experience and organizational structure) have on the firms’ willingness to innovate. The study shows that the main determinant is supplier codevelopment management. The co-operation with a thin base of selected suppliers could come out not only in TTM advantages and equal qualitative results, but also in new methodological practices. Moreover, we highlight that firms in a worse competitive position are more innovative than successful ones. This study provides the readers both a practical hint to face TTM pressure, and a warning to quit the risk of slipping out of the successful position squeezed by an internal inertia.

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