Hommage à Michel Freyssenet. Yannick Lung

His intellectual rigor in building and deepening analysis in terms of plurality of models, as well as his sense of organization have left a lasting impression on me and have inspired both my research work and my organizational practices in my scientific labs and networks.
Yannick Lung, University of Bordeaux, Former Director of CERPISA

Michel left us far too soon. Michel played an important role in my life. My first encounters with him date back to 1982 or 1983 when, with a few friends from Bordeaux, we discovered the automobile industry while working on automation at the Ford site in Blanquefort. We had been lucky enough to join the monthly meetings of GERPISA on boulevard Raspail very quickly, where I was marked by Michel's ability to engage in the difficult exercise of synthesizing and totalizing at the end of our seminars, and by his exacting approach during the first attempts to engage GERPISA in collective research, going beyond the meeting alone to discuss the presentation of papers.

But it was with the arrival of Robert Boyer and the launch of the research programme on "industrial models" (which would later become "productive") in the early 1990s that Michel revealed an exceptional activity to structure GERPISA at the University of Evry, the European programme providing a foundation for the internationalisation of this network. Michel then laid the foundations for a scientific programme and an approach that has marked several generations of researchers while sustainably organizing the network. When I accompanied him to GERPISA's management, while staying in Bordeaux, I was able to measure how much the procedures and routines he had put in place ensured the continuity of our activity, despite the difficulties encountered. Each GERPISA director then set out his or her own way of running the network, but the foundations that Michel had laid (including the international colloquium) allowed GERPISA to remain resilient and to be recognized by both French institutions (manufacturers, ministries) and international partners.

His intellectual rigour in constructing and deepening analysis in terms of the plurality of models, as well as his sense of organization, have left a lasting impression on me and have inspired both my research work and my organizational practices in my laboratories and scientific networks. Although I have now abandoned the automobile industry to invest in a completely different field, the study of local currencies, I remain inspired by what he has passed on to me: multidisciplinarity, taking into account the diversity of organisational modes, insertion in an international network of researchers working in the field.

I have been able to train several colleagues from Bordeaux in the wake of Michel's work with GERPISA and I hope to succeed in passing on to younger researchers the dual requirement of intellectual rigour and organized collective approach that Michel has taught me.

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