Hommage à Michel Freyssenet. Bernard Jullien

You were a committed researcher and intellectual who believed deeply that our work should be thought out and organized in collectives.
Bernard Jullien, University of Bordeaux, former director of Gerpisa

Dear Elsie, dear friends,
I just wanted to say here what Michel has meant to me for more than 25 years.
I first came to our Friday meetings on Boulevard Raspail in 1995. At that time I was still a little young and didn't really know what it meant to be a researcher. While I had seen, in other circles, people imbued with themselves, anxious to shine and crush others, I found at GERPISA men and women, researchers, automotive professionals or trade unionists, who were working together on real issues in the real life of a real industry.
In these meetings and outside these meetings, there was a spirit of modesty, rigour, rigour, research into facts and the relevance of theories.
I have understood this spirit over the years as I got to know you better, it was largely yours Michel and it is up to us today to keep it alive.

Beyond the inventiveness that you have shown with Patrick to make this UFO of research that we all care so much about, it is the example that you have represented for me - and for many others I think - that I can speak.You were a committed researcher and intellectual who believed deeply that our work should be thought out and organized in collectives. You knew that these collectives are not spontaneous generation and that they must be created, defended, animated and allied.
For you, this was part of the work and we who succeeded you have also been driven by this conviction.

You believed, when you were leading the GIP as you did when you were in charge of GERPISA, that our work could only contribute to moving the lines if we were not locked in our world: beyond the requirements of coherence and scrupulous respect for facts, you demanded of yourself and others that their work be relevant, i.e. capable of finding outlets in action or combat. Here again, you have convinced us that this does not happen by chance: it is thought out and organized. You did it and we tried to do it in our turn.

Finally, and this last ingredient is the hardest to reproduce, in order for all this to work, we need to keep a spirit alive that allows everyone, researcher or non-researcher, great recognized intellectual or young beginner researcher, to feel that he or she has his or her place. I deeply believe that the conviviality, the mutual respect, the form of prohibition of sufficiency that we have been experiencing at GERPISA for decades is in your image.

Without abandoning your very high standards, you had benevolence pegged to your body and, even if it will again be difficult to match you, I will try to remember that.

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