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GERPISA was initially a French network made up of researchers in economics, management, history, and sociology, all studying the automobile industry. It was founded by Michel Freyssenet (sociologist at the CNRS) and Patrick Fridenson (historian at the EHESS), and was transformed into an international network in 1992 so as to implement the first international research programme.

  • The first research programme (1993-1996) on "Emergence of New Industrial Models” has been coordinated by Robert Boyer (economist, CEPREMAP, CNRS, EHESS) and Michel Freyssenet, and animated by an international committee.
  • The second research programme (1997-2000) on "The Automobile Industry: Between Globalization and Regionalization", was this time placed under the auspices of Michel Freyssenet and Yannick Lung (economist, Montesquieu University, Bordeaux).
  • The third international research programme (2001-2003), coordinated by Yannick Lung, focuses on "Coordinating Competences and Knowledge in Regional Automotive Systems" within the framework of the thematic network CoCKEAS supported by the European Union (FP5, Key Action 4: HPSE-CT-1999-00022).
  • The fourth international research programme (2004-2007) on "Variety of capitalism and diversity of productive models" coordinated by Yannick Lung within the framework of the ESEMK project supported by the European Union (FP6, Priority 7), project co-directed with Bruno Amable (economist, CEPREMAP and University of Nanterre). 
  • The fifth international research programme (2008-2011), coordinated by Bernard Jullien, and developed in association with the project ICaTSEM (FP7) directed by Yannick Lung, and with the project GEDI (ANR) directed by Bernard Jullien and Andy Smith (Sciences PO, Bordeaux).

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