Design of a model of technological assimilation under the approach of industry 4.0 for companies of the automotive industry in the central region of Mexico

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2018)



The present work proposes a series of useful tools through a Model to support the OEMs of the automotive sector located in Mexico, during the process of the Assimilation of Technology (as part of the Technological Management), with the purpose of optimizing the process of reception, implementation and maintenance of high technology equipment for automotive component manufacturing processes, considering the philosophy of industry 4.0 and its relevant technologies.


The research methodology used is the Case Study together with the Research-Action methodology. With them, the case of the company Adient plc (previously the seat division of Johnson Controls, Inc.) located in the Puebla-Tlaxcala region, Mexico and in recent years there has been an intense transfer of technology to Mexico.


A proposal for a Technological Assimilation model (as an element of Technological Management) is presented for the OEMs installed in the central region of the country. This model considers the development, documentation and transfer of knowledge for use in future events achieving a reduction of risks in terms of development and profitability of new processes or productive projects. For the model element corresponding to documentation, training and updating, some of the key technologies of the industry 4.0 concept were considered.

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