Raison d'etre and potential impacts: leading edge of the EV markets in China

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Conference Paper


Zejian LI


Gerpisa colloquium (2014)


Since 1993, China has shifted from a net crude oil exporter to a net crude oil importer. However, Due to the country's fast economic development, the imports of crude oil has increased dramatically in the following years, and reached alarming levels, as 51.29%, in 2009. It means that more than 50% of total oil consumption of China mostly has needed to be imported from Africa & Middle Eastern Countries. Furthermore, since more than 75% of oil imports are supplied by shipping, the shipping security and energy self-sufficiency have become into an issue for China urgently.

Basing on the view from environmental management, in this paper, we focus on the sustainability in Chinese economy, as we have discussed above, and try to clarify the variation and interdependency in Chinese energy security issues by using DPSIR framework.

In this preliminary exploration, under China’s present energy portfolio, we posit that: firstly, the structural risk management system of China needed to be optimized as a hedging for energy security risk from growing future dependency on oil imports and also from geographical ubiquity in coal; secondly, it is the risks me mentioned above that force Chinese government, as a potential factor, to promote eco-innovation through Coal-electricity integration project; finally, as a potential synergy between power generation and consumption, plug an electric vehicle (EV) into grid will not only enhance coal-fired power plant efficiency, also improve the energy efficiency of renewable energy. Therefore, that is why we use case studies on Baoya New Energy Vehicle and BYD Auto to show how corporate grows under above eco-innovation creation in China.

Actually, we agree with those comments that a study from industrial organization is needed here to enforce our opinions; we like to cope with it within our following works.

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