Economic and social externalities of the automobile industry development in Mexico and Thailand

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


22nd Gerpisa International Colloquium, Kyoto (2014)


Externalities, Mexico, public policy, Thailand


This paper observes the automobile industry (AutoInd) development externalities in Mexico and Thailand. By “externalities” this paper focuses on assessing the external consequences of the AutoInd development that has been affecting the economic and social aspects of Mexico and Thailand.

On the economic dimension, the role of FDI in the development of indigenous firms, knowledge transfer, related industries, and the creation of jobs are assessed.

On the social dimension, the integration of the AutoInd with city planning is assessed. This assessment includes the impact on mobility, vehicle congestion, and environment.

Research Questions

- To what extent the automobile industry development impacted the economic and social dimensions in Mexico and Thailand?

- What was, is and could be the role of government industrial policies on shaping the economic and social externalities found?

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