Integrated e-mobility

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2012)




E-mobility is more than simply providing attractive electric cars and an adequate number of clean charging stations. The value creation of intermodal urban e-mobility encompasses the vehicle hardware itself and the integration of its infrastructure into the cityscape, as well as traffic services and the provision and storage of energy from renewable sources.
One example – a publicly funded pilot project – is BeMobility. Within BeMobility a test with e-cars which are integrated with the help of car-sharing-systems into public transportation is established. The restricted ranges and long charging times, which are depending on the infrastructure for charging, require novel, user-friendly mobility concepts. In this regard, public transport will play a key role. Embedded in a multimodal mobility concept, customers can make optimal use of the advantages of any systems within any public means of transports: a combination of ecologically friendly e-cars on the street and the permanent availability and unrestricted ranges of public transport. The integration along mobility services, e-cars and charging infrastructure constitutes the core of BeMobility. Thus, it is intended to offer the possibility of providing the customer comprehensive information of local availability of e-cars as well as the charge of battery and feasible ranges at any time. Also, the access to the cars as well the public transport providers are organized on the basis of an integrative „check-in/check-out“-mechanism.

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