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Jullien B. Crise et soutenabilité de l’industrie automobile. Le cas français en question . DGAPanalyse, Forschungsinstitut der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik . 2010;2 - Avril 2010. Abstract
Montalban M, Ramírez Pérez SM, Smith A. EU Competition Policy Revisited: Economic Doctrines Within European Political Work. In: Biannual conference of the Society for Advanced Economics. Paris; 2009. Abstract
Lung Y, Amable B. The European Socio-Economic Models of a Knowledge-Based Society: Synthesis and Policy Implication. In: Variety of Capitalism and Diversity of Productive Models: Main Conclusions of the Gerpisa Research Programme. Vol 41. CCFA; 2008. p. 25-95. (Actes du Gerpisa; vol 41). Abstract

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