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Variety of Capitalism and Diversity of Productive Models
Directions for the Fourth Programme of the GERPISA



Introduction: "Varieties of Capitalism and the Diversity of Productive Models", or the Exploration of Macro - Micro Relationships
Olivier Hirt
The European Socio-Economic Models of a Knowledge-based society : The Objectives of the ESEMK Project
Bruno Amable & Yannick Lung

Trajectoires nationales et trajectoires de firmes
Esquisse d'un schéma d'analyse

Michel Freyssenet
Studying the Politics of European Industry :
A Political Institutionalist Approach to Economics
Bernard Jullien & Andy Smith
Exploring the Notion of "Compromise of Government" :
Theoretical Discussion and Methodological Insights
Tommaso Pardi
The Role of Multinational Corporations in the Foreign Trade Policy of the European Econoomic Community :
The Automobile Sector between 1959 and 1967
Sigfrido Ramirez Pérez
The Link between the Diversity of Productive Models and the Variety of Capitalisms :
A Review of the Literature and Contextuation Using the Car Industry as a Case Study
Yannick Lung