Consumers' perception on green products and services: Evidence from the Czech automotive sector

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2021)


consumers’ perception, Czech automotive, green products, sector, services


Green consumers´ behavior is significant in the context of value chain of business. Sustainability in Automotive plays a big role, because of EU directives, social responsible attitudes, economic efficiency etc. But, the sustainable activities without some positive consumers´ response have negligible impact on value chain. Consumers should accept green products, their higher price, and sustainable distribution system of green products. Sometimes, consumers tend to search for information about a sustainability of supply chain, to confirm a greenness of their favorite products. On the other side, many consumers in Automotive do not interest in sustainability, more in technical aspects of cars. The research question is: Do the Czech consumers interest in green solutions of Automotive businesses, and do they believe in sincere efforts of manufacturers by implementation of these solutions?
This paper aims to outline consumers´ perception of green solutions in the context of automotive business. Based on results of marketing research, the interest in green solutions, and trust in sincere efforts will be described. The paper is based on secondary data collection, literature review, and summary of previous researches, which were conducted previously by the authors. Due to a long-term interest of researchers in this topic, the paper compares data from the research in 2018 to responses in 2020. In 2020, the research was organized after the first COVID wave in the Czech Republic, in the time period June - August. Researchers expected a change in consumers´ behavior, because of transformation of society all over the world. Therefore, the same questions in both questionnaires (2018, 2020) were designed. It enables a direct comparison in time.
For the purpose of the study, in the period 2018-2020,1000 questionnaires were collected for statistical interpretation. First, data from 2020 will be presented by absolute and relative frequency. Then, the comparison to data from survey in 2018 will be arranged. The change in consumers´ attitude was monitored, and results of this monitoring will be presented in this paper.
The paper investigates the tendency, trends, and the new phenomenon of green solutions but the present consumers´ behavior is much more significant for future managerial implications in the automotive sector. Aspects of green behavior, mentioned above, will be processed in the context of respondents´ sociodemographic variables to identify a group of consumers (segment), most interested and confident in green solutions and attitudes of businesses. Publications of previous researches very often introduced a dependence of green behavior on education. Green consumers have more information thanks to higher level of education, and are more interested in green activities, and solutions. A causality between consumers´ interest in green solution, and education will be set in a contingency table. Then, a Pearson´s Chi-square test will confirm a dependence of interest on age, gender, or education. If the P-value of the test is lower than 0,05, it is possible to confirm a dependence of two variables. The same test will be applied to prove a dependence of trust in sincere efforts on education. This paper would like to confirm this phenomenon, and contribute to deepen analysis in this scientific field. These results will be crucial for managerial implications, too. Managerial decision processes are influenced by consumers´ behavior, not excepting green behavior.

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