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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2013)


Sectoral innovation Systems


Our paper aims to evaluate the main changes that are occurring on the automotive sector due to environmental concerns using a systemic approach, which offer a broad and dynamic view of this process in terms of the range of elements and their relationships. We develop a multi-dimensional analysis of the Sectoral Innovation System (SIS) of automotive sector based on its building blocks: the market demand; the technological regime and knowledge base; the actors and the institutions. We used literature review and secondary data from various sources and databases of national and international organizations and government agencies.
After analyzing the building blocks, we conclude that, in the past decade, the automotive SIS has become more dynamic and complex, with more actors actively participating in the innovation processes and new technological challenges defined by the changes in institutions and consumers’ tastes. We state that the technological regime of the sector is undergoing a process of gradual technological de-maturity as alternatives to the dominant design (characterized mainly by the use of mature technologies such as the internal combustion engine, all-steel car body and also by the character of multi-purpose that vehicles present) are being gradually tested. However, we identified also many systemic failures that hinds the mass adoption of these alternative technologies.

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