Electric Mobility and Improving Flexibility: Industrial Transformation Process Analysed by the Example of the Bavarian Automobile Region Ingolstadt

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Journal Article


Industrielle Beziehungen, Volume 18, Fascicule electric mobility, flexibility, work organization, labor market policy, Audi (2011)


The technical revolution of the Electric Mobility already reached every car producer
whereas the consequences of this development are unpredictable. Although the electrification
of the engine has top priority, there are several questions concerning work organization,
infrastructure, ecology or politics which up till now haven’t been answered properly. The predominance
and the power of the local – or even better: global – car producer Audi is well
recognized in the Ingolstadt region. This article tries to stress the implications of the Electric
Mobility first on Original Equipment Manufacturer’s work organization and secondly on their
economic region.

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