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Hard Brexit and the car industry

Hard Brexit, take your bets : 7 weeks to go...

The weekly column of Bernard Jullien , former director of Gerpisa, lecturer in economics (University of Bordeaux) and scientific advisor to the Essca Group's Chair of Network Management.

No one had wanted to believe in Brexit and it came. No one wanted to believe in a "no deal" and this is the scenario that is now emerging.
It was clear that it was politically important for Brussels to flex muscles and to indicate that opting out would have a cost. 
It was clear that Brexit supporters, on the other hand, were keen on showing that they did not intend to let themselves be reimposed on Brussels standards as part of a deal.
However, it was thought on both sides that reason would eventually prevail and that well-understood interests on both sides of the Channel would lead to a Norwegian-style free-trade agreement. 
The anti-Theresa May vote on 15 January shattered these hopes, which were a reason not to be very actively preparing for a "no-deal". In the automotive industry, as elsewhere, we must take up our calculatoragain and try to understand very quickly what is likely to happen.
To this end, a number of statistical realities should be recalled with respect to British motor vehicle foreign trade. 
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Des équipementiers toujours plus puissants dans les systèmes automobiles

Les tendances que les observateurs avaient soulignées début 2015 se confirment début 2016 : les équipementiers français affichent une belle santé et s’y adossent pour affirmer des ambitions stratégiques et technologiques convaincantes. Déjà patente lors de la présentation des résultats du premier semestre, cette vigueur a marqué la fin de l’année 2015 durant laquelle on a vu Faurecia et Plastic Omnium conclure une opération qui semble bénéfique de part et d’autre et qui, s’effectuant entre deux français, renforce l’industrie équipementière hexagonale.
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