New eco-system architectures: embedding the automobile in societal contexts - Experiment from Shanghai City

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2020)


The automobile is an undeniably transformative invention. Cars are arguably responsible for the shape and character of modern industrialized societies. Vehicle to everything (V2X) is a new generation of information and communication technology. 5G, emerging technologies to achieve low latency communications increases the power of the V2X evolution. Prior to marketization, we must ensure the reliability and maturity of the technology, which must be rigorously tested and verified.
The ecosystem concept is of increasing significance in the field of the management of technology and innovation. The ecosystem literature is vast across products, firms, and industries, researches are theoretically and methodologically different, such as industrial ecosystem perspective, business ecosystem perspective, platform management perspective, and multi-actor network perspective.
Few literature examines the ecosystem of embedding the automobile in societal contexts in emerging market, the role of old and new actors and of public policies and regulations in their shaping, new business models for mobility providers, consumer and user behavior, transnational, national and cities’ regulations.
We espouse an integrated ecosystem perspective which consists of entrepreneurs and private investors, innovators, users and user communities, and governmental bureaucrats and policy makers. The objectives of this study are to find the decision-making principle and behavioral chain that strongly affect the transitions to electrification, and cast light on EV supply chain management.
Drawing on open innovation literature, social network theory, neoinstitutional theory, decision-making theory, and action research, through a case study, we investigate how the automobile embedded in societal contexts ecosystem be co-created by enterprises, institutions, and local government, via open innovation in the emerging market of China.

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