The global development of the Low Carbon Vehicle sector and policy priorities: A comparative approach

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Conference Paper


Gerpisa colloquium, Paris (2013)


This paper focuses on emerging policy initiatives related to the global Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) sector. By examining models of policy development and analysing emerging priorities for national actors with a significant automotive presence, the work aims to identify best practises for LCV policymakers in helping the emerging LCV sector to grow beyond its nascent stage. To achieve this aim four priorities relating to the sector are established; 1] Resource management and energy security, 2] Sustainable economic development, 3] Impact on the automotive industry and 4] Pressure from below. These four areas are then scrutinised and a comparative approach utilised, drawing on examples from recent policy initiatives in Germany, France, Brazil, Japan and China, as well as supranational regulation in the form of European directives related to the LCV sector. One of the key conclusions reached from this exercise is the impact that disincentives – such as feebates in France and the limits placed on the use of motor vehicles in key Chinese cities – has had on growing demand for LCV technologies amongst consumers.

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