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Smitka, M. (2019).  Technology and the Motor Vehicle Industry. Gerpisa 2019 Conference. Abstract
Smitka, M. (2019).  Defining Automotive Technology. GERPISA 2019. Abstract  Download: Smitka_GERPISA_2019_Technology.pdf (353.24 KB)
Sasaki, S., & Asazuma Y. (2019).  Automobile Market Analysis in Myanmar. Gerpisa colloquium. Abstract  Download: SASAKIParis.pdf (1.49 MB)
Proff, H., Szybisty G., & Fojcik T. M. (2019).  From electric cars to energy-efficient houses - The automotive retail sector at the crossroads. International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management. 19, 55-73. Abstract
Shimizu, K. (2019).  Toyota et le toyotisme. Hommage à Koichi SHIMIZU.  Download: 1993 Regulation Modes of the Wage Formation in Japan 1956-1989 I (1.16 MB); 1993 Regulation Modes of the Wage Formation in Japan 1956-1989 II (1.38 MB); 1993 Toyota les 20 themes (396.16 KB); 1993 Toyota rapport salarial et systeme de production (102.8 KB); 1994 On the Character of the Accumulation Regime and the Big Crisis in France between the World Wars. A Survey of Debates Concerning the French Regulation School (774.9 KB); 1994 Toyotist Wage Formation. A Case Study (2.52 MB); 1995 Humanization of Work at Toyota Motor Co. I (930.57 KB); 1995 Humanization of Work at Toyota Motor Co. II (879.52 KB); 1995 Kaizen et gestion du travail chez_Toyota. Actes du Gerpisa 13 (94.38 KB); 1997 Toyota abandonne-t-il le toyotisme? (56.92 KB); 1998 A new Toyotism (214.95 KB); 1998 The unique trajectory of Mitsubishi (112.3 KB); 1999 We Will Construct Our Assembly Line I - the Case of the Tahara No.1 Plant of Toyota (1.15 MB); 1999 We Will Construct Our Assembly Line II - the Case of the Tahara No.1 Plant of Toyota (907.04 KB); 2000 Toyota dans l'histoire (651.36 KB); 2000 Percée par la voie Mitsubishi (273.39 KB); 2000 Un nouveau toyotisme (246.67 KB); 2002 Bifurcation and Inertia in the Evolution of the Corporate System I (468.89 KB); 2002 Bifurcation and Inertia in the Evolution of the Corporate System II (527.41 KB); 2003_Le caractère et l'importance du droit du travail français de 35_heures (2.66 MB); 2003 Maverick at the Age of Mega-Fusion Internationalization of Toyota (195.65 KB); 2003 The diversity of internationalization strategies and trajectories of the automobile sector firms (161.75 KB); 2004 A Reorienting Kaizen Activities at Toyota - Kaizen Production Efficiency and Humanization of Work (350.18 KB); 2004 Coping with uncertainties (4.28 MB); 2005 Formation des zones economiques régionales transfrontalières - Cas_d'INTERREG_dans les zones frontalières franco-belges.pdf (1.35 MB); 2005 Shop Management at Toyota Explained by Shop Managers (421.74 KB); 2006 35 Hours Work a Week in the French Automobile Industry (531.01 KB); 2006 Interreg Programs in the French and Swiss Border Regions (944.09 KB); 2007 A toyotaization of the Chinese carmaker Tianjin XiaLiren - Shimizu (61.51 KB); 2008 Integration regionale en Asie du_Nord-Est et en UE (103.34 KB); 2008 Problème de chômage en France (628.39 KB); 2008 Studies on North-East Asian economies (103.34 KB); 2008 Shanghai (1.86 MB); 2009 Laws and Union-Management Relations - Union-Management Agreements and Cadres. Issue in the French Metal Industry facing the 35-Hour Working Week (598.3 KB); 2010 Ce que Toyota n'est plus. Ce que le toyotisme n'a_jamais_été. Version initiale (79.1 KB); 2010 Challenge and reorganization of Japanese auto in Seoul (869.33 KB); 2010 Flexibilisation of working hours (798.31 KB); 2011_R_Toyota_face_a_trois_problemes_de_qualite.pdf (57.31 KB); 2012_A_Kaizen_based_on_the_Toyota_Production_System_at_the_Chinese_Carmaker_FAW_Car.pdf (3.97 MB); 2013_SP_Car_Market_and_Globalization.pdf (3.71 MB); 2013 Les relations industrielles chez PSA, Renault, Toyota et les 35h (1.65 MB); 2014 On the Unemployment and the Labor Market Reforms in Spain after Franco Regime (1.03 MB); 2014 The strategic behaviour of Japanese carmakers (1.74 MB); 2014 Structural Change of the Market and Strategy of Japanese Carmakers (2.1 MB); 2015 The end of Ohnism (3.97 MB); 2015 Changement dans le système de salaire chez_Toyota (2.21 MB); 2015 Evolution of the Production System at FAW Car Co. - A Case of Application and Adaptation of Foreign Production Systems in China (9.32 MB); 2015 Changement de système de salaire et gestion de la productivité présentation (1.43 MB); 2015 The end of Ohnoism (104.69 KB); 2017 L'avenir de l'industrie auto potentialités et réalités (1.65 MB); 2017 Toyota n'est-elle plus le Toyota d'autrefois (58.96 KB); 2017 Mutations du modele productif Toyota (1.14 MB)
Shioji, H. (2017).  Parts localization lifecycle in the auto industry. Gerpisa colloquium. Abstract  Download: Shioji - 2017 - abstract (34.14 KB); Shioji - 2017 - paper (571.71 KB)

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