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7 Chinese Motorcycle Clones That Look Like The Real Deal

6 hours 55 min ago

China has been on the rise for the past two or three decades. Part of the reason why the country has steered the course of success and economic growth has largely been based on its manufacturing. China is today the world’s factory and while there are so many genuine high-end products that have come out of China, there are a few copycats here and there. Take for instance copycat motorcycles. China has been one of the leading motorcycle makers globally and a significant percentage of total motorcycle produced is often well copied from major brands in the world.

Here are 7 of the best motorcycle copycats from China that look just like the real thing:

  1. Honda Grom vs. Wonjan WJ150

Created by the same individuals who’ve created the Ducati Panigale clone, the Honda Grom copycat features a much larger engine of 150 cc compared to that of the Honda Grom 125 cc. The WJ150 packs 13.1 in horsepower while the original Grom bike does 10 hp.

  1. Ducati Panigale vs. Wonjan WJ300 Space Ranger

If the Ducati Panigale seems to be something that you only dream of, well, your dreams can come true with the Wonjan WJ300 Space Ranger (China version) which somehow promises to give you the Ducati Panigale look you desire. It comes in semi-faired and faired variants and offers a 300 cc engine.

  1. Honda CBR 250R vs. ZJMM R12

The R12 is a product of the China-based firm Zhejiang Jiajue and is an imitation of the CBR 250R. It comes in 250 cc and 125 ccs offerings.

  1. Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs. Kengo R350

Compared to Kengo 350 that racks up to 23.5 hp from its twin-cylinder engine (320.7 cc DOHC), the Ninja 300 offers 39 hp yet it’s reported that the Kengo R350 costs three-quarter of what the Ninja 300 costs. Having been sold in the Chinese market, the Kengo R350 has some presence also in Southeast Asian markets like Thailand and Vietnam.

  1. KTM Duke vs. C8 Tomahawk

The Tomahawk is a Zhejiang jiajue-made motorcycle (China-based Company.) When it comes to design, the C8 Tomahawk is a much cheaper version of the KTM Duke, and reports indicate that it’s available from highs of 300 cc, 250 ccs to 150 ccs.

  1. Yamaha R6 vs. Yayama R6

Given that the Yayama R6 tries to get everything from its donor, including the name, the China-created ‘sportsbike’ shouldn’t get you all psyched up. It offers an air-cooled 150cc engine way less than that of the real deal which provides 600cc

  1. Gulsar vs. Bajaj Pulsar

The Gulsar is an imitation of the Bajaj Pulsar (China-made) and has made an entrance into the Latin American markets. Reports indicate that Bajaj Auto had its day in court and won in regards to intellectual property rights to stop Taian Chiran from manufacturing and selling the Gulsar.

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