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Figures and Tables - Article 1

Figure 1 - Global distribution of automobile production

(Number of vehicles produced)

en 1995 en 1990

Emerging countries: MERCOSUR, ASEAN, China, India and South Korea
North America : members of NAFTA. Europe : members of the European Union.
Source : Automotive News

Figure 2 - Internationalization as a strategy to reduce costs and increase variety

Mergers and acquisitions in the European supplier industry for the years 1995 and 1996

Table 1.A 1995

Main acquisitions ot European companies announced In 1995
Target  /  Country Acquirer  /  Country Sector
Acts  /  UK Tsuchiya  /  Japan


air-induction parts
Altissimo  /  Italy Amiclas  /  Italy/France lightin
Automotive Products  /  UK Automotive *  /  UK brakes
Becker  /  Germany Harman Int  /  US Interior parts
Bellino  /  Germany UPF Group  /  UK pressings
CEAc  /  France Exide  /  US batteries
Ebyl Durmont  /  Austria Magna  /  Canada interior parts
Empe  /  Germany MBO1  /  Germany interior parts
Motorenkomponenten  /  Germany
Mahle  /  Germany valves
FSO Clutches  /  Poland Valeo  /  France clutches
GKN axles  /  UK Dana  /  US axles
Hammerverken  /  Sweden Autoliv  /  Sweden Seat sub- systems
Harman SA (50%)  /  France Magneti Marelli  /  Italy mirrors
Hohe  /  Germany Donnelly Mirrors  /  US mirrors
Isodelta (49% + options)  /  France Autoliv  / Sweden steering wheels
Mannesmann Fahrzeugtelle  /  Germany Lunke & Sohn  /  Germany pressings
Manufacuras Fonos  /  Spain Tenneco  /  US exhausts
Melfin  /  UK Tricom Automotive  / UK seating
Mercedes-Benz, plastics operation, Woerth  /  Germany SAI  / France plastic parts
Plastifol  /  Germany Automotive Industries  /  US interior parts
Reydel  /  France Plastic Omnium  / France plastic parts
Roth Frères  /  France Johnson Controls  / US seating
Safiplast  /  Italy Ergom  / Italy fuel tanks
Safiplast  /  Italy Solvay  / Belgium fuel tanks
SEIM  /  France MGI Coutier  /  France wiper pumps
Sommer Alibert (50% of UK subsidiary) Masland  / US interior parts
Styr-Daimier-Puch  /  Austria Daewoo  / Korea engines & drivertrain
Thermal- Werke  / Germany Valeo  /  France heaters
Vaisala Technologies  /  Finland Breed Technologias  / US sensors
VDT  /  Netherlands Bosch  /  Germany gear boxes
Viktor Achter  /  Germany Milliken  / US textiles
*Management buy out 1CVC and Goldman Sachs

Sources : UBS and Automotive News Europe (does not include acquisitions by Europeans outside Europe)

Table 1.B First half of 1996

Major automotive manufacturing sector transactions in Europe in first half of 1996

Target company Acquirer Country Sector
Automotive components
Dunstable Ltd., UK Tridon Inc USA Wiper motors
Britax Vega Ltd, (50%) UK Koito Mfg. Co Japan Lightning
BSK Holdings Ltd., UK TransTec plc UK Aluminium die-castings
Davidson Marley
BV (50%), Netherlands Textron Inc. USA Interior trim
Fiat (cable operations), Italy Labinal SA Franc Wiring
Fist SpA, Italy Valeo SA France Door Handles, locks
Fonlem, France Groupe Valfond France Castings
Callino Plasturgia S.r.I., Italy Breed Technologies Inc. USA Plastic parts
Gebr Happich GmbH., Germany Becker Group Inc. USA Interior Trim
International Radiator Services, UK Partco UK Radiators
Isodelta SA, France Autoliv AB Sweden Steering/ Wheels
Marley Automotive
Components group, UK Magna
International, Inc. Canada Interior Trim
Momo SpA, Italy Breed Technologies Inc. USA Steerings, Wheels
Pebra GmbH, Germany Magna
International, Inc. Canada Plastic/metal/parts
Phoenix Airbag GmbH., Safety components
Germany International, Inc. US Airbags
Pioneer Holdings, UK UPF group plc UK Exhausts
Rearsby Automotive Ltd., UK Adwest Group plc UK Metal parts
Renault (2 valve plants), France TRW Inc US Valves
Scandmec AB, Sweden Kongsberg
Automotive AS Norway Gear parts
Silenciadores PCG SA, Spain ECIA SA France Exhausts
Way Assauto srl, Italy Arvin US Exhausts

* Including increases of share to over 50 percent

Acquisitions by European automotive groups in the rest of the world, first half 1996

Allied Signal brakes US Robert Bosh GmbH. Germany Brakes
Metal Leve SA, Brazil Mahle GmbH & Consortium, Germany Pistons
Plexicor Australia
Pty. Ltd., Australia Mc Kechnie plc, UK Plastic parts
Woven Electronics Inc. US Marling Industries plc. UK Seat belts
* Also, Varity Corp. of the US and Lucas Industries of the UK announced their merger

Table 2 - Platform strategies

Automobile group Brand Current number Planned number
Volkswagen VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda 16 4
Ford Motor Company Ford NorthAmerica, Ford EuropeLincoln, Mercury, jaguar 24 * 16 *(2004)
General Motors Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac, Saturn, Opel, Saab 14 7
Renault PSA Renault
Citroën, Peugeot

*World-wide number of platforms of passenger cars and light trucks

Source : Companies, Press.

Figure 3 - Which configuration of global economic space ?

Figure 4.A - The myth of post-national company

Figure 4.B - The configurations of the major automobile companies

Source: Bélis- Bergouignan, Bordenave, Lung, 1996

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