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Mitsubishi looking to bounce back fast

13 nov. 2017 - 06:01
CEO Osamu Masuko wants Mitsubishi Motors Corp. to make a V-shaped recovery from the dark days of 2016 when it was laid low by a fuel economy scandal in Japan. And it is rebounding fast with the help of its new alliance partner, Nissan Motor Co.

At Toyota, changing times, changing tactics

13 nov. 2017 - 06:01
Akio Toyoda is keeping his eyes on the future, the far, far future, as the Toyota Motor Corp. president pilots his company through a rapidly changing automotive landscape. The biggest risk, he says, is thinking 2050 is too far away and doing nothing.

Dealers poised for price-fix payments

13 nov. 2017 - 06:01
Thousands of car dealerships are poised to receive a payoff stemming from a multinational price-fixing conspiracy that snared 47 suppliers for rigging bids on commodity parts.

In-demand tech puts suppliers on guard

13 nov. 2017 - 06:01
That trust that automakers have worked so hard to rekindle among their parts suppliers? It's slipping away again.

Fleets offer window into EV economics

13 nov. 2017 - 06:01
Adding electric power to work vehicles could help pave the way to broader acceptance of plug-in vehicles among the general public.

Auto interior's endangered-species list

13 nov. 2017 - 06:01
Automakers have to walk a fine line between updating their interiors and keeping customers happy.

Range Rover Velar gets a new handle on luxury

13 nov. 2017 - 06:01
The electronic door handles on the just-launched Range Rover Velar are more expensive and complex than regular mechanical door handles.

Safety first for next auction group leader

13 nov. 2017 - 06:01
NAAA's board is expected to vote on mandatory safety standards for auction members at this month's annual convention, changing how buyers can act in the lane.

AutoNation, Waymo and a 6-year courtship

13 nov. 2017 - 06:01
Waymo's mission to develop a fully autonomous vehicle, without a human backup, was a significant draw for AutoNation.

Chevy celebrates its 'Truck Legends' in centennial campaign

13 nov. 2017 - 06:01
The program began at the State Fair of Texas in September 2016 and, after drawing a quick following, was expanded nationally.

FandI process shares computer screens with customers to build trust

13 nov. 2017 - 06:01
At Schomp Automotive Group, customer-facing software smooths a one-person, one-price, one-hour car-buying process.

TagRail digital tracker keeps sales staff, managers in sync

13 nov. 2017 - 06:01
The TagRail platform ensures transparency of key metrics at a Toronto dealership, minimizes sales-vs-management tussles and streamlines customers' car-buying experience.

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