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Saudi fund also in talks to invest in aspiring Tesla rival Lucid Motors, sources tell Reuters

il y a 41 min 54 sec
PIF and Lucid Motors have drawn up a term sheet under which PIF could invest more than $1 billion in Lucid Motors and obtain majority ownership, sources told Reuters.

Elon Musk says changing his way of working not an option

il y a 1 heure 36 min
Tesla's CEO sees no option but to keep working at his current relentless pace, no matter the deepening concerns of board members and investors about his health and stability.

VW averts Mexico strike with pay increase

il y a 4 heures 55 min
Volkswagen has agreed to a salary increase of nearly 6 percent for workers in Mexico and another raise for next year, the company's Mexican union said, averting a potential strike.

Byton offers window into China's EV craze

il y a 8 heures 32 min
China has emerged as a global incubator for next-generation electrified driving and as a potent Silicon Valley rival. Some call it a boom, others a bubble. To understand the China EV craze, look no further than Byton.

Toledo, Ohio -- Jeep's hometown -- puts on a show

il y a 8 heures 32 min
More than 1,600 Jeeps of every size, stripe and flavor filled the streets of Toledo, Ohio, Aug. 10 to Aug. 12 for the city's second Jeep Fest -- a celebration of the town's long love affair with its most famous local product.

Sale prices on used vehicles stronger than expected

il y a 8 heures 32 min
Increasing demand for used vehicles, concern over potential tariffs and tightening supplies are causing used-vehicle prices to strengthen instead of taking their normal summer dip.

Hyundai's N performance line starts fast, boding well for Veloster

il y a 8 heures 32 min
Encouraged by the promising start of its performance line in a demanding European market, Hyundai hopes its upcoming Veloster N sports car can raise its perception among U.S. buyers.

EPA concerns may fuel legal challenges to Trump's CAFE rollback

il y a 8 heures 32 min
A document detailing EPA staff concerns provides fodder for legal challenges to the Trump administration's proposal to roll back federal fuel economy standards.

Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet must build on its star power

il y a 8 heures 32 min
Actor Mark Wahlberg and partner Jay Feldman are adding staff and bolstering promotional tactics at their new Chevy store in Ohio as they seek to ramp up sales.

Ford and Argo AI achieve mutual respect

il y a 8 heures 32 min
How are Ford Motor Co. and software partner Argo AI from Silicon Valley getting along as they prepare Ford's first autonomous vehicle for a 2021 deployment?

McLaren Automotive plans hybrid conversion by 2025

il y a 8 heures 32 min
McLaren is preparing for electrification #8212; but stands by a flat no to SUVs.

Auto subscriptions programs face hurdle in state laws

il y a 8 heures 32 min
A subscription ban in Indiana and a California proposal to make automaker subscription programs go through dealers are the first steps taken in what could be a wave of scrutiny over subscription programs in state houses across the country.

Longo Toyota launches Spanish website

il y a 8 heures 32 min
A California dealership, Longo Toyota, has developed a store website for its Spanish-speaking customers.

Auria Solutions retools factories for GM acoustics work

il y a 8 heures 32 min
Auria is launching a new technology in sound and vibration deadening for GM, to the tune of $100 million.

Johnson Controls International weighs future of its battery business

il y a 8 heures 32 min
JCI has given itself until November to decide whether to spin off its battery business, sell it outright or keep it.

Integrated Vehicle Solutions Group Sues Rick Case Automotive

il y a 8 heures 32 min
A major provider of dealership management software is suing Rick Case Automotive Group for allegedly breaching its license agreement and misappropriating trade secrets.

Why Tesla's board is looking for executive talent

19 août 2018 - 14:54
Tesla's board s on the lookout for senior talent -- though it's not actively searching for a COO, a person familiar with the board's thinking told Bloomberg.

Startup supplier Tula Technology worries about CAFE rollback

19 août 2018 - 07:01
Tula Technology CEO Scott Bailey is convinced the CAFE rules played a major role in GM's 2012 decision to invest in Tula, become a development partner and license its technology.

Cox Automotive seeks tighter integration of brands

19 août 2018 - 07:01
So far, CEO Sandy Schwartz grades the company's integration of more than a dozen unique brands as a B-minus.

Autonomous car boosters want to reprogram pedestrians

19 août 2018 - 07:01
Some autonomous car technologists say the problem isn't that self-driving cars don't work, it's that people act unpredictably.

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